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2048 is an addictive math puzzle game which you can play for free on Silvergames.com. Move all the numbered tiles into one of the four directions of the panel. 2048 online is played on the 4x4 grid. You can choose the direction in which to move the tiles. Available directions are horizontally and vertically, blocks can not be moved diagonally. If two tiles with the same number move into each other, they merge and become the sum of their numbers. Two 4s become an 8. Two 8s become a 16 and so on and so forth.

Keep going and going until you hit the magical number of 2048. Be careful and try not to run out of space to move your tiles. Try 2048 online for free and discover a whole new way of making math and addition fun. Even after reaching the final number, you can still continue playing to reach higher scores.

Controls: Arrows


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