Merge Games

What are Merge Games?

Merge Games are upgrade and matching games in which you have to combine and merge different elements to create or unlock new ones. If you combine the colors yellow and blue, you get green. If you mix milk, eggs and flour, you'll have a delicious dough. If you add the numbers 2 and 3, you get the number 5. And in some games, if you put two bales of straw together, you have a chance to win a treasure chest. 

Just put together what belongs together! Whether you're combining numbers, collecting plants and then creating something new, or uniting cute animal characters, here in our compilation of the best Merge Games, it's all about fruitful interaction. This category is reminiscent of memory, because you always have to find at least two of the same elements, and then unite them.

However, in this category it is even better because you get a new element as a reward. How far can you push this game? Go through all the possible combinations, put everything together that is possible and hope for new and even better products. Have fun with our cool compilation of the best Merge Games, online and free on!

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