Bike Mania 4 Micro Office

Rating: 3.2

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Bike Mania 4 Micro Office

Bike Mania 4 Micro Office is a cool motocross bike trial game with fascinating miniature tracks built on office desks. Try to control your dirt bike to drive over every single obstacle without landing on your back.

Bored of ramps out on the wasteland and empty streets in the city? This free online game offers you the chance of speeding through all kinds of objects you could find on a desk, from staplers, pencils and newspapers to toasts with salami and cups of coffee. Speed up, brake and balance your bike to leave all your obstacles behind and reach the end of every level. Have fun playing this free online game Bike Mania 4 Micro Office on!

Controls: Arrows = speed / balance


Bike Mania 4 Micro Office: MenuBike Mania 4 Micro Office: Bike Stunt GameplayBike Mania 4 Micro Office: Biking Driving StuntsBike Mania 4 Micro Office: Gameplay Biking Obstacles

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