Addicting Games

What are Addicting Games?

Addicting Games are cool online games that bring fun and joy to everybody in front of a computer. Activate your brain cells and solve all questions of the impossible quiz. Be the crazy pilot of a paper plane on a flight over a huge city. Solve easy arithmetic problems in addicting math games. Control a running stickman and escape from a dangerous maze full of ninjas and dinosaurs. Or start an addicting 2 player tank war game and fight against your best friends online. 

Here on you can play the most addicting games for girls and boys. Cool online games by that are simply so much fun and so engrossing, that you want to spend any free time you have with them. We have made sure to collect as many addicting games as we can. Why scour the internet when you can have all your gaming goodness right here?

Sometimes it's the simplicity, sometimes it's the challenge. Or maybe it's the pretty visuals and sense of humour, or the dark and gritty atmosphere that simply ropes you in and makes you want to keep playing. Once you find such an addicting game the rush of just playing it over and over and over again is hard to dismiss. Enjoy playing the most addicting games here on!

Most Played Addicting Games

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