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Trick Games are super fun and risky bicycle, motobike, skateboard, trampoline and dolphin games that you can play online and for free on Do you love performing tricks and stunts while risking your live doing it? Then this category is exactly the right one for you. Hop on your bike and try to hold a wheelie as long as possible or how about a back flip, front flip, no hander, table top or double candy bar on your BMX?

Get on a trampoline, jump as high as you can and somersault in the air like there's no tomorrow. Do a back to belly, backdrop, backspin or other fascinating tricks on the fun trampoline. Are you a fan of the animal world? Then watch a fascinating dolphin show and be amazed by all the crazy stunts this animal can perform. However, in this fantastic category there are not only sporty dolphins, but also driving dinosaurs and much more.

No matter in what form you like to do stunts and tricks, you can do it here on in our huge collection of trick games. Just jump on your BMX, on your skateboard, in your monster truck or slip into the role of a sporty animal, here in the virtual world everything is possible and you don't have to be afraid of the consequences. Only the brave win here. Are you ready? Have fun with the best trick games, as always online and free!

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