Corporation Inc.

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Corporation Inc.

Corporation Inc. is an awesome simulation time management game inspired by Sim Tower. Aim of the game is to build the best push-button corporation in the world. Create offices, hire workers, push the profit and start researching. Are you able to create the greatest, most profitable push-button company in the world? Can you achieve world domination?

You can build offices and get workers to their desks, hire the right guys for the job and hire researchers and unlock new stuff. You can build several levels of offices and equip them with water suppliers and coffee areas. Can you make all your employees happy? Find out now if you have what it takes to lead a huge company and enjoy Corporation Inc. online and for free on

Controls: Mouse = move and place objects, Arrows = move screen


Corporation Inc.: MenuCorporation Inc.: Office ConstructionCorporation Inc.: Gameplay Office ManagementCorporation Inc.: Office Space Night Time

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