Job Games

What are Job Games?

While flights of fancy are fun and everything, sometimes a good game goes for something more reliable, believable and tangible. Like these Job Games here at Instead of going on some fantastical adventure in a far away land, slinging magic spells or shooting oversized guns at monstrous invaders, these games are all about the real thing: doing a good job and getting paid for it.

Job games tend to be about a specific activity or vocation, that you get to playfully try out in the context of these games. Maybe you're managing a restaurant, or a theme park? Maybe it is your job to be a chef? Or you're a white-collar worker and have wacky adventures in the work place? Whatever it is, you will have to play these games dilligently with an eye towards success to get ahead.

It might not seem like much but the satisfaction of getting to the end of the day, knowing you've done a good job shouldn't be underestimated. There is much to do, a lot to learn and a great deal of fun to be had, maximizing profits and making things simply work out. Why not give it a try with these free games, that need no downloads or registration?

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Most Played Job Games