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What are Kill Time at Work Games?

Kill Time at Work Games are perfekt for you if you are just trying to make the time pass a bit faster. The daily routine can be quite a hassle sometimes. Maybe what you need are these silly and kooky Kill Time at Work Games to get you back on track. Here at we've collected the best and most efficient time waster games we could find, so that the monotony of work doesn't weigh you down too much.

It's no secret that monotonous work is a mental strain and can be just as stressful and exhausting as physical work. The brain isn't immune to exhaustion and overload. That's why it helps to occasionally distract yourself with something else, focus on something light, unusual and surprising. These Kill Time at Work games will help you do just that. Whether it's clicking away at some colouful icons, escaping the dangerous office space or morbidly trying to kill your character in the most gruesome way, there is something to take your mind off of the familiar necessities of work.

So make sure your boss isn't looking, open a tab in the background and play on with the Kill Time at Work games. Just make sure you don't enjoy yourself too much, because your colleagues may get suspicious of somebody have too much fun at the work place! Choose bewteen Whack Your Computer, Escaping the Prison, My Dear Boss and many more. Much fun!

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