Funny Battle Simulator

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Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator is a cool war strategy game in which you have to create the perfect army to defeat your enemy. Have you ever imagined what the most epic battle of all times would look like? We are not even talking about real life, contemporary battles, but more the cyclops and spartans action you would see in movies or read about in history books or novels.

Select your units and start placing them in the most efficient formation to kill all the enemy units. You can even bring the one and only, almighty greek god Zeus to the picture, so get ready to see some amazing fights for victory. Have fun playing Funny Battle Simulator, a free online game on!

Controls: Mouse = select / place units, Ctrl + Right click = delete units, WASD = move view, QE = rotate view


Funny Battle Simulator: Battle GameplayFunny Battle Simulator: Battle DefenseFunny Battle Simulator: Troops Battle GameplayFunny Battle Simulator: Gameplay Fighting

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