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What are Battlefield Games?

Battlefield Games are great online multiplayer shooting and battle royale games in which you have to fight your enemies in a merciless battle to end up being the only survivor on the field. Step onto the battlefield with your machine gun and kill one enemy after another. Whether you advance with a powerful tank, rain bullets on your enemies from the air or are only equipped with a handgun, the objective always remains the same: try to be the last survivor to carry away the victory flag.

A battle refers to an armed clash between friendly and enemy military formations of ground forces, air forces or fleets in all spheres. A battle includes all important and intense engagements and blows connected by a general idea. It is carried out with certain groupings of forces, such as an army, and is aimed at accomplishing a specific task. Whether you want to conquer a castle, expand your territory or simply fight back, here only those who fight to the bitter end win.

Here at you can find battlefield games on the water, in the air and on the ground. Enter the chaotic battlefield and drive your monstrous war vehicle through the hail of bullets, taking out enemies and capturing territories. Experience naval battles with your speedboat or circle the battlefield with your fighter plane and attack from the skies. Just browse through our collection of the best Battlefield Games and play them online for free on as always!

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