My Slime Mixer

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My Slime Mixer

My Slime Mixer is a super slime simulator that you can play online and for free on It’s fun to play with slimy stuff, even more to create it just by yourself. A cup of washable PVA, some water, liquid starch and a little bit of spoon action, that’s all you need to create your slime! Now you can add glitter, color and more stuff to make it look as fancy as possible. Ready? Now it’s time to play with it and take a nice picture. You won’t even get your hands dirty, so stop wasting time and start right away.

What is your favorite color? There are plenty of great colors to choose from when deciding what your slime should look like. Spray a pattern or a message on your slime, and remember: you can take a picture in the end, so why not use this wonderful game as a chance to tell someone something via slime messaging? Put colorful sprinkles on top and be happy about your creation. It is always great to be creative and inventive. So what are you waiting for? Have fun with My Slime Mixer!

Controls: Mouse


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