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What are Slime Games?

Slime Games are fun games about slime making or adventures with slimy creatures. Create your own slime with one of our free slime making games. Roll a sticky slime ball through a maze full of traps. Slip into the role of a slimy monster and eat everything that moves. Or just relax with one of our online slime games for kids.

It's gooey, yucky and probably smells funny, too. But that doesn't matter to us at and our collection of the very best slime games. Play around with the dripping mess, simulate slimy substances and poke around in it in these free online games.

The word slime tends to be used to describe the consistency of something that is somewhere between liquid and solid. In addition to that slime also implies a certain amount of disgust and revulsion, the way you might think of mucus. It's no surprise that kids love playing with slime and disgusting their parents and adults. Kids' movies like Flubber and films like The Blob toy with our unease around slime. You can even buy Slime at a toy store to annoy your parents, twisting and squeezing it into all kinds of disgusting shapes.

Don't be picky and dive into our free online slime games to play around with and in. Revel in the green and pink goo and beat all challenging levels to become slime master.

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