Noob vs Zombies 2

Rating: 4.5

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Noob vs Zombies 2

Noob vs Zombies 2 is a fun zombie themed run and jump platform game with cool Minecraft like block graphics. Use your wooden sword to defend yourself, clear your way from evil, blood-thirsty undeads and collect useful stuff to keep advancing in this free online game on

Don’t let the clumsy, stiff legs and arms of your character make you think he’s not brave and skilled enough to kill all his enemies, from zombies to skeleton archers. You can use TNT to blow them up or just hit them with your swords. Collect enough coins to buy new, better weapons to continue your adventure. Have fun with this free online game Noob vs Zombies 2!

Controls: Arrows = move, Z = jump, X = attack


Noob Vs Zombies 2: MenuNoob Vs Zombies 2: Minecraft Platform GameNoob Vs Zombies 2: Platorm GameNoob Vs Zombies 2: Shop Gameplay Weapons

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