Pixel Games

What are Pixel Games?

Pixel Games are games with minimalist visual style that is similar to Minecraft, retro or old school games. A pixel is a pixel, image cell, or picture element that denotes the individual color values of a digital raster graphic. Each individual pixel represents a specific color information and this results from the mixture of the colors green, blue and red. A pixel does not have a fixed size; it serves exclusively as an information carrier. Try out the best free pixel gun games in 3D against zombies and monsters with a graphics engine full of small full colored squares.

The pixel look is back in fashion today, when designer use the style even for horror RPGs, fighting games or car racing games. Our addictive free pixel games here at Silvergames.com will give you all the tools, guns and vehicles you need to become the master of your pixelated environment. The retro and old school look of our top classic games is as nostalgic as it is fun to look at.

Our fun new 2D and 3D pixel games feature familiar gaming challenges, like shooting zombies in the head or fighting enemies with swords. The pixel look is especially popular with Japanese style RPGs and some unique horror games. In games where survival is key, even the sight of pixelated blood can be unsettling. Our best new online pixel games can even be enjoyed as multiplayer action fests where you have to gun down players from all over the world. Enjoy playing the best free pixel games online here on Silvergames.com! Much fun!

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