Sports Heads: Basketball

Rating: 3.6

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Sports Heads: Basketball

Play ball! With Sports Heads: Basketball you can try your hand at playing some challenging 1 on 1 games against the NBA greats of this sport's history. Or at least suspiciously similar sounding replacements. Go head to head against Michael Gordan, Shaq O'Real and Kareem Abdull-Jabba. All you need to do is get that pill into the net, it can't be that hard, right? Make use of the power-ups that randomly show up on court and unlock some cool achievements along the way. Score a three-pointer! Get your opponent to drop the ball into their own basket! Make a spectacular dunk! There is much to explore in Sports Heads: Basketball. Even if you're just controlling an oversized head with a big hand attached to it. Enjoy!

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump, Space = Shoot

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