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Aquarium Games are great underwater games where you can feel like a fish and swim through the beautiful blue world. Is water your element? Are you a real water rat? Then this category is definitely for you. Here you can explore the depths of the ocean, swim with schools of fish through the blue deep and just have fun in the water. Who wouldn't want to be a fish?

Whether it's addictive physics-based puzzle games, fun fishing games, cool fish tank simulators or multiplayer online games, it's all in the water here and your underwater skills are in demand. How fast can you swim to escape the dangerous piranha? Or are you good at fishing and always choose the right bait to pull even the fattest fish out of the pond?

Feed your way through the sea by eating all the smaller fish and getting bigger yourself. Or how about building your own little aquarium by trying to balance the O2 and CO2 levels so some kind of life can grow. Use water, algae, stone, grass, wood and sand to create a beautiful environment. Have fun with our great collection of the best Aquarium Games, online and free on!

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