Eating Games

What are Eating Games?

Eating games are food and evolution games in which you grow as you start to devour things around you. Play as a snake or a fish and increase in size with each bite you take to eat. By continuously eating the best bits of food and smaller animals around you, you become stronger, faster and more dangerous. Here at you get to enjoy free selection of top new online eating games, that are exciting and fun, while you're waiting for your next meal. Roam the seas as a hungry shark and grab some healthy human swimmers to fill your stomach.

How about you start with The Visitor: Massacre At Camp Happy, an addictive adventure game, in which you control an alien slug and eat creatures to gain their abilities of flight, swimming, climbing and many more. Another fun one is, a free multiplayer online game about eating candy to become the longest and most powerful worm in the arena. Join a world of fast-paced living and dieing in this brightly lit arena of hungry, slithering beings. Much like many other IO games in the series, with Wormate you collect to grow bigger. 

Work up an appetite with our fun addicting eating games, and start munching away at everybody else to grow big, strong and unstoppable. Play as an aggressive shark and treat all the fish in the sea as potential food sources and ways to improve your high score. Eating regularly and observing a balanced diet is healthy. In our free online eating games you get to indulge your sweet tooth as a worm or a snake. Simply gorge yourself on anything that looks like a yummy snack and rack up those points until you've proven you're the best at eating.

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