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What are Art Games?

Art games are drawing games for kids but also ambitious video games about expressing something meaningful. Our free online selection of the best new pixel art games, here at, let you explore the depths hiding behind unique and fun gaming experiences. Play around with popular examples of art and art history. These art themed games are designed to delight and mesmerize, or to simply deliver a memorable gaming experience. Discover how exciting and addictive our games can be, whether they are cynical, emotional or even sublime.

How about you play Pixel Art, a great coloring game for kids. Just choose an image, like a cute reindeer, a unicorn, a mountain or even the great Van Gogh, and start coloring them however you want. Or how about Sand Drawing Simulator, a fun drawing game that will take you to a beautiful beach where you could write and draw all kinds of stuff with your finger. This great game will allow you to perform some beautiful artistic drawings on sand, just like when you go out to the beach.

Try and master our challenging art games and enjoy the colorful route it takes to get to the end. Let our free online art games tell you a story and show off their amazing pixel graphics or even the history of drawing in video games. Our amazing fun art games aren't just simple entertainment for kids, some of them are art in their own right. Play our new games for an experience far away from Minecraft zombies or crazy multiplayer shooters. Explore intriguing mysteries and unusually designed levels that will challenge you in brand new ways.

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