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What are Coloring Games?

Coloring Games are painting and drawing games, in which your choice of color brings pictures to life. Draw within the lines and shapes that you're shown to create picture that is nice to look at. The fake artists and failed painters here at offer you the chance to play with blue and red in amazing new online games for free. Pick a fun and challenging entry from our online collection of the best free coloring games and start matching colors and shapes.

Coloring games and books used to be for kids and babies, but now they are also available for adults. Instead of practicing motor skills and color coordination, you can pick matching colors for relaxation. The pictures start as outlines of animals, princesses or unicorns, and it's your task to add some yellow or green to them. Our free online coloring games are lot like them. You learn to pick paints and play with them. Fill out areas or apply color onto individual parts of a picture to see how it would change. Start with pastels like green, yellow, orange and red before you move on to the calm shades of brown, grey and light blue.

Choose your favourite shades and hues and give in to your creative side. Show your artistic skill with our fun, new coloring games. Indulge your love of color and chase away the dreariness of the old black-and-white. Much fun with our great collection of the best Coloring Games on!

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