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Relaxing Games are recreative online games which help you reduce anxiety and stress. Take a deep breath in, count to five and the breathe out again. If that's not enough to calm you down, how about our relaxing games to help you forget your anxiety? The Zen masters here at have carefully put together this collection of online games to help you relax after a busy day.

Relaxation is often underappreciated as an essential part of your daily routine. More than mere laziness it is a necessary step in regaining your focus and recuperating from whatever mental of physical exhaustion you are dealing with. The most relaxing games are soothing and calming, purposefully avoiding loud noises, dissonant music or an overbearing colour scheme. Instead they opt for an easy-going often pleasant experience with an easy to grasp challenge. Solve some puzzles, lay out some playing cards or play some nice music to take your mind off.

No need to rush, our relaxing games aren't going anywhere. But when you have the time, make sure to try some of the fun little distractions this category has to offer. Here you'll find ASMR games, card games, coloring games and many other activities that are just exciting enough not to overwhelm you but certainly relax you. Enjoy playing the best mind relaxing games online here on!

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