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What are Atari Games?

Atari Games are fun and simple arcade games that were developed by Atari. Do you love those old school arcade games that you can play in public businesses such as restaurants or amusement arcades? Just throw in a coin and have fun pushing buttons and being the master of those pinball machines, electro-mechanical games or redemption games. But you don't have to be in one of those places to enjoy those fun little games, just browse through our selection of Atari Games on and play them online and for free, whenever you want to.

Start with Atari Pong, a cool free online version of literally the first videogame ever, released way back in 1972 by Atari. This two dimensional digital version of table tennis lets you challenge the all mighty CPU. You won’t need anything else but two buttons of your keyboard or your mouse to determine the movements of your paddle, and sharp reflexes. Or how about Atari Breakout, the cool classic game from Atari, in which you have to clear all the stages from large colorful bricks. Your goal in this retro skill game from back in the 80’s is to control a sliding platform that moves from side to side in order to hit a little ball that bounces around destroying bricks.

Another fun one is Atari Asteroids, a classic retro game in which you control a spaceship on a screen packed with asteroids and attacking UFOs. takes you back to the 80’s to enjoy one of the most popular games ever made, online and for free. As simple as it is, once you start flying around shooting asteroids and enemies, you won’t get enough of it! Are you hooked yet? Find your favorite one and start havin fun with our great collection of Atari Games, online and for free on!

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