Atari Breakout

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Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a cool classic game from Atari, in which you have to clear all the stages from large colorful bricks. Your goal in this retro skill game from back in the 80’s is to control a sliding platform that moves from side to side in order to hit a little ball that bounces around destroying bricks.

For every brick you break, you will earn some points, so try to get rid of them all before you lose. Of course, you will lose a life when you let the ball fall through the bottom of the stage, and once you have lost all three lives, your game will be over. Destroy all bricks and keep it up to set the highest score ever seen. Have fun playing Atari Breakout, a free online Atari game on!

Controls: Mouse / Arrows = move platform


Atari Breakout: MenuAtari Breakout: Gameplay ArcadeAtari Breakout: Gameplay Ball Platform

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