Atari Missile Command

Rating: 3.8

(29 votes)

Atari Missile Command

Atari Missile Command is a fun retro skill game by Atari, in which you have to protect your city from countless attacks. This free online game on challenges you to shoot every single missile before they get to damage your buildings placed on the bottom of the screen.

As the projectiles fall down, your goal will be to launch anti ballistic missiles and determine where exactly they will explode in order to eliminate one or multiple targets. Your game will be over once all your buildings are destroyed, so act fast and don’t waste your ammo. Have fun playing this free online game Atari Missile Command!

Controls: Mouse


Atari Missile Command: MenuAtari Missile Command: Gameplay Shooting BombsAtari Missile Command: Attack Gameplay PlanesAtari Missile Command: Missile Attack Gameplay

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