Bart Bonte Games

Bart Bonte Games are fun point-and-click and puzzle adventures that you can play online and for free on If you are a clever head and enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries of all kind, then this fun category is exactly the right one for you. Move tiles, push buttons, solve riddles, search the screen or color golf balls to make it through this fun compilation of Bart Bonte Games.

How about you start with an absolute classic? Sugar Sugar is a simple, yet fiendishly clever little puzzle game. Your goal seems so simple. Just fill the cups with sugar, that's falling from on high. To make sure it actually hits the cups, you get to draw lines on the screen. The falling sweet bits won't move past them, but if they're at an angle they may slide down. There are three episodes of this fun puzzle game and a Christmas special one, so you better get started right away.

Another fun series is Factory Balls, a unique and original puzzle game in which you must figure out a way to produce designer balls. Just drag a ball from the left bin and drop it over one of the tools shown. You must plan your moves carefully, because the order is important. There are several episodes and a Christmas special as well, so there is plenty for you to play. Try other games like 40xEscape, Yellow or Cat in Japan and have fun playing Bart Bonte Games on!

Bart Bonte Games

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