Factory Games

Factory Games is a funny and addictive puzzle game series created by Bart Bonte. In this fun category you can play one of the episodes of the cool and original puzzle games, in which you must figure out a way to produce designer balls. Drag and drop balls over the existing tools and produce the required ball with the same color scheme and same layout! You must plan your moves carefully, because the order is important.

There are different ways to treat a ball to a nice design. How about putting it into a can of color and then spraying a pair of eyes on them? Or how about putting a belt around it to prevent a circle around the ball from taking on color? Try your best and throw the ball into the bin to start over once you've done an irreparable mistake.

There is even a Christmas edition for you to play during the most comfortable season of the year. Try to give your ball a pretty design that fits the winter mood. Here on Silvergames.com you can play Factory Balls 2, Factory Balls - Christmas Edition and Factory Balls 3. Just choose your favorite one and have fun with the best Factory Games!

Factory Games

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Playable with installed SuperNova Player.