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What are Bored Games?

Bored Games are time-wasters and cute distractions that are quick and easy to play. Play our best fun bored games when you're at work and need something to pick you up. Here at you will find a top selection of new bored games for kids and for adults to make you smile.

With our free online bored games you can toy around with crazy gameplay ideas and get your brain and heart up to speed again. You can even try them out at home with friends and play a game for two. Everybody gets a little bored sometimes, that's why it's a great to have something to snap you back into focus again. These exciting games and their small puzzles, easy shooting tasks and silly antics will get you playing in no time.

Getting bored is not just for kids and adults any more, so that's why our fun games can be played at home and at work. Just start up any one of them, and play with your friends. Our awesome games are so addicting you will forget what boring feels like. Much fun with our entertaining collection of the best Bored Games, as always online and for free on!

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