WTF Games

What are WTF Games?

WTF Games are the most crazy and funny games on the internet! Well these games will make you be like: WTF?! In our games basically everything is possible, okay? Good, now that we made that clear let's jump right into the craziness. Trolling can be fun and annoying, depending on the side you are standing. In the famous Trollface Quest series it is your turn to find the crazy solutions and troll the hell out of the world. WTF moments guaranteed!

What the fuck games don't fit into any other gaming genre, so they became it's very own one. If you are looking for funny, crazy and often stupid shit these are the games for you. Talking about shit, in Toilet Success! you have to find a way to the toilet before shitting all over the place.

Want to feel high without smoking weed? MLG will trigger your meme heart m8! 420 blaze it with flashing effects, over saturated colors and dubstep, combined with all the famous internet memes will make Harambe turn in his grave!

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