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WTF Games, the category that makes you wonder why you're playing a game where you're a piece of bread trying to become toast or a toilet trying to survive an onslaught of poop. But hey, who needs logic and reason when you have a game where you're a worm trying to escape from a giant bird with a flamethrower?

These games are like a bad acid trip, but in a good way. You never know what kind of weird and wild adventure you're going to be thrown into. Maybe you'll be playing a game where you're a stickman trying to survive a world made of paper, or perhaps you'll be a hamster trying to navigate a maze made of cheese.

Sure, you might question your life choices when you find yourself playing a game where you're a llama running through a field collecting tacos, but that's what makes wtf games so great. They're a break from reality, a chance to let loose and have fun in a world where anything is possible. So go ahead, give those wtf games a try on and see just how crazy things can get. Just don't blame us if you find yourself addicted to being a flying toilet.

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