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What are Stickman Games?

Stickman Games are fighting, shooting and killing games full of action with animated stick figures as main characters. Lead your little stick person through an epic adventure, battle or even a war. Be a sniper assassin and kill enemies with your sniper rifle. Guide your ninja stickman through a parkour of deadly traps and and escape successfully. Be the winner of crazy 2 player stick archery battles or die trying.

There are many opponents to fight aganst in these free killing games. You can play some fun and spectacular shooters like Sniper Assassin or Stick Squad. But there is also carnage and mayhem with Henry Stickman games like Fleeing the Complex, Infiltrating the Airship or Stealing The Diamond. These fun stick escape games will let you infiltrate an enemy base. You can play around with physics-based environments. Hit your stick figures and watch them fly around like ragdolls. Slip into the role of a deadly ninja and destroy your enemies with stealth and deadly force. Enter the battle for stickman supremacy as you wage war.

You can also enjoy wild and crazy action scenes without uncomfortably realistic graphics in games like Territory War or Stickman Madness. It's a lot of fun to watch your stickman unleash extreme violence, that is over the top and cartoonish. But not all stickman games you can find here are about fighting. Some include fiendishly clever puzzles. Here you have you to draw lines in just the right angle to solve a problem. Others play like a regular RPG. You will explore mysterious lands. But as you do, you will also build and develop your character. Make him mightier and deadlier with each combat they survive. In games like Stickman Archer, you have to train and master archery. Other games like Stickman Army turn you into the defenders of an entire country. A country that has fallen into a devastating stick war.

Fight with your stickman armies against a friend in online multiplayer games. Take your heroic stick figure and face an incredible adventure. But you may also risk becoming a laughing stick in games like Troll Adventures or Trollface Quest. The Sift Heads series in particular is very popular amongst experienced gamers. There are many reasons why, but part of it is its mix of violent imagery and smooth gameplay. It also doesn't hurt, that these shooter games are free. They tell a moody and gritty story of betrayal, murder and crime. The Sift series also delights in depicting mayhem and carnage in stickman style. Other series like Vex also make use of the occasional bit of violence. But those games are closer to familiar platform puzzle games. Sometimes you can even join a tournament and fight it out with 2 players or more. Battle each other in team mode or free for all mode. Will you make it to the top spot of the score board?

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