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Building Games are contruction games where you design and build individual structures or entire areas. Work as a star architect and create houses, bridges and castles from the scratch. Show your city building skills in exiting minecraft multiplayer online sessions and contruct the highest castle your friends have ever seen. Start a free simulator game and create an empire based on Lego bricks. Build what you want and destroy it! 

Most online building games like Bridge Builder let you put the results of your work into a digital landscape. Sometimes it's something simple for kids as a road or a hut. Other times it's a tower or a house. Eventually it all adds up to an entire town bustling with activity under your watchful eye. Some construction simulators use a physics engine. Make sure that your attempts at architecture don't create fantasies that could never exist in the real world. For the most part the buildings your erect serve a function in the game. Some provide you with an ability to go along with their placement on the map. You're not supposed to fill the vast digital emptiness with garbage after all. At least you should try and avoid that.

What the items in these house or city building games actually do varies from game to game. For the most part, you can figure it out by how and when you're supposed to use them. Houses, fortresses and castles are generally build to protect people from bad weather and warring adversaries. If you need to protect your people from dangers or other unpleasentness, you want to build those. You use towers and barracks to defend against attacks. Often you need a farm to feed the population. Sometimes competing tribes are eager to put you into the ground. Then you will have to find ways to stand up to them. If you have farms or great factories, you will produce some kind of good. Food can be useful if you have people who need it. It goes without saying that you should provide for the people who follow you. If you build sheds or warehouses, you store those goods.This can be particularly helpful, if you don't need those goods yourself but want to sell them to others. Instead of giving them away freely, you can trade or better yet make a profit off your work. And so on and so forth. Some levels can feel like a puzzle as you try to pick the right elements to win the builder challenge.

But the great thing about online minecraft and city building games is that they are not just about building your own city (like you do in SimCity). While it's fun to play with amazing characters and marvel at beautiful intricate graphics, there is more to it than that. Some games are about the many great ways in which you can build up an economic engine and turn it into an empire. Examples of these games are the Tycoon series that cover topics as diverse as railroads, airlines, hospitals and TV. These games are a great way to introduce you to the fun and excitement of running a business. One that is expected to provide a reliable service for money, like a place to stay for tourists. In some cases you get to turn raw material into a commercial good, that people are eager to buy from you. This can be a shop for people to buy baked goods from. Your job is to stay on top of it all through tactical management of demands and finding the right strategy to maximize profits.

If this is still not varied and unusual enough for you, building games have even more to offer. You could, for example, start to craft and create the tools you want to use. Just like you would in gaming classics like Minecraft. Like many free online games, there is enough variety and room to experiment. It will keep you glued to your screen for days to come. You're free to try all kinds of combinations. You just need a robust solution to whichever challenge you're facing. You may have to work on infrastructure between one city and the next. You can set up a bridge, if you want. Make sure it is stable, so that even large, heavy-weight transports can pass safely without it collapsing.

Enjoy meaty puzzle games, free simulators or strategy games for advanced players. These building games are sure to offer you a little something from every pot. Play around with buildings in a city or the entire world. Enter a world of opportunities and make the best of them. Use buildings and efficient time management as building blocks for your towering success. Half the fun in mastering these games lies in adapting to changing circumstances. Just because your early constructions led you to success, doesn't mean it will stay this way. You will have to constantly improve and evolve. You must quickly deal with the problems these building games never stop throwing your way.

If you feel constrained by the scope of these games, then lead an entire civilization to glory. Start from humble beginnings and make use of military prowess and cunning. You grow and expand until your achievements are undeniable. Take your people from a cave or a hut, to kingdoms all the way to a busy metropolis.

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