City Building Games

What are City Building Games?

City Building Games are online construction simulation games where players are responsible for the growth and developement of a virtual city or a town. Build your own medieval or ancient city and protect it in a war against other players in our multiplayer city building games. Take care of the lego city management and and make sure residents are happy in the new sim town.

In the city building games players are required to place buildings close to each other in an attempt to create a vibrant urban environment, in which people could live and thrive. Depending on which game you choose you may have to construct individual buildings, place them on your map, so they can best fulfil whatever function they may have. If you do your developer job right, people will settle here and before long your city will boast an impressive skyline. So get going and start building and constructing a home town for the future.

Play online city building games and start breaking some ground and lay down the first bricks as you expand and explore all that these city building games have to offer. Turn your micropolis into the place to be and become a leader of all the cities on the map.

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