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Burger Games are cooking and restaurant management games in which everything revolves around tasty Whopper and Hamburger. Work as a manager of a Burger King branch or an indiependent burger shop and make the most delicious burger. Everybody loves a tasty hamburger. A great way to celebrate that great invention of a slab of meat stuck in a bun is to try our burger making and cooking games here at Silvergames.com. Work as a chef in a burger shop or create the biggest burger restaurant empire of the world. Here you can play cool burger games for every taste!

Burgers are a dish with a surprisingly varied history. Starting out as a meatier variation of a sandwich brought in from immigrants to the US, regional variants quickly developed. While there is still some dispute over who invented the hamburger as it is known today, most people agree that the many different forms that dish has taken can be appreciated by everyone. Starting with the type of bread bun, patty to condiments and toppings there is an almost limitless number of ways in which a hamburger can be adjusted to fit anyone's personal preference. 

Exciting and mouth-watering as the idea of a burger may be right now, our online burger games are mostly concerned with your ability to actually cook one. It will be your task to bring a tasty burger to somebody eager to bite into one. Enjoy playing the best free burger games here on Silvergames.com! It's burger time!

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