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Stacking games are reaction and timing games about piling things on top of each other. Here at we've put together the best online games the internet has to offer on the subject. Create a pyramid by stacking cups on top of each other, or a tower by using blocks. Learn how to quickly pile up dice in a cup as a party trick. If you're hungry, try stacking greasy layers to make burgers or sweet ones to make cakes. When you've had your fun, make sure to sweep up the floor right after stacking all chairs to the side. Try out our free new stacking games and try to keep your balance.

Stacking games are a deceptively simple type of free online games, with surprisingly fun and addictive results. Your task will be balance blocks, dice, cups and other solid pieces on top of one another. Maybe build a tower of some sort or construct something of a certain height. But in order to do so, you must pay close attention to the attributes of each element. Make sure that your pile of chairs or dice don't tip over and result in a catastrophic implosion as gravity reminds you it's still around. For an extra challenge, try putting layers of food together like in a burger or a cake.

Find your center, place your blocks perfectly and build a tower to reach the sky with our free online stacking games. Make sure you follow the rules, because your high score is going to suffer if you don't. You will lose points, if slices of your burger slip off to the sides. You can't win the game, if your cake can't stay in place. And you will have to start playing all over again, if your chair construction topples over. New challenges await you in our crazy cup, block and tower stacking games, and all you need to do is stay calm and play.

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