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What are Car Crash Games?

Car Crash Games are racing games and stunt simulators about high speed collisions of automobiles. Our free online car crash games for kids take the crazy spectacle of twisted metal, explosions and fire and turn it into something fun. Here at our best new car crash games use realistic 3D graphics to show you extreme carnage when two or more cars smash into each other at ludicrous speeds. Enjoy watching your drivers get thrown around like ragdolls as vehicles spin around, flip over and explode again and again.

So we put together this collection of top new car crashing games to share the fun of careless destruction, suitable for kids of all ages. There is no need to ever slow down in our amazing online car stunt and demolition games. Just start racing down the highway at high speed and turn your cars into a giant fireball of destruction. Our extremely realistic 3D simulators of driving pristine and expensive cars are twice as fun, because you can demolish top luxury cars for free. Slip into the role of a crash test dummy and experience driving that sends you tumbling like a ragdoll in our amazing car crash games.

Play the most popular Car Crash Games called Evo-F. This one is a free car driving simulator that allows you to control different types of vehicles without any restrictions. This cool game is completely free of annoying rules, time limits, opponents and traffic. Choose a truck, a vintage car or a forklift and drive around. Speed through ramps like a maniac or forklift other vehicles. Have fun crashing the crap out of parked cars. There are more games like Audi TT Drift, Scrap Metal, Driving Force and many more. Much fun!

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