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Cell Games are interesting puzzle, defense, multiplayer IO battle and science games that are all about those little organisms we call cells. There are different ways to deal with them: you can try to put them together, make an attempt to analyse and understand them or attack cells of your enemies while trying to protect your one ones. In this fun category you will find games of different genres that share their interest for cells, so scroll through our collection and look for your new favorite game.

Try the fun game Virus Wars, in which you have to help the body's immune system to fight off causative organisms. Send out your troops to take over enemy viruses before they can infect the whole life form. Or how about a fun multiplayer online battle IO game about becoming the largest and most powerful player on the field? Play Celix.io: start as a single cell and move around to collect more parts and create a huge monster army with many different kinds of cells.

If you are more into the scientific aspects of cells, try Rebuild The Universe. It is an interesting science game about space and everything that is out there. Let your tiny world grow by tapping it, as soon as you have enough atoms it maximizes itself. Try to unlock all resources to create not only the simplest of creatures that are considered alive, but also build trees, objects, humans, planets and last but not least the whole universe. Have fun playing our fun Cell Games online and for free on Silvergames.com!

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