Micro Games

Micro Games are fun strategy games about biology, awesome animations of the universe and funny point'n'click adventures that you can play online and for free on Silvergames.com. Here you can play games with microscopic creatures or zoom in on the universe down to a millionth of a millimeter. You can go to war with micro tanks and race across the desk with mini racing cars. Just browse through our great collection of the best Micro Games and have fun playing them. 

Start with the most populatr Micro Game called Fishy. This one is a classic online fish eat fish game. Swim along under the surface of the sea and fight for survival in a fishy world. You start out as a small fish that only can eat smaller fish to grow. But all the while making sure to dodge and evade those big thick fishy bullies trying to eat you.

Another fun one is The Scale of the Universe 2, an awesome animation of the universe made by Cary Huang. How big is our Universe? What is the smallest element? Here you get answers! Drag the scroll bar to zoom in and out. There are more interesting and funny Micro Games like The Scale of the Universe, CellCraft, Mini Scientist and many more. Much fun!

Micro Games

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