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Climbing Games are free mountain racing games where players have to get to the top of the mountain or a hill riding a vehicle. Become a ninja and get up the highest tower and sharpest rocks. Hop on your bike and try to get to the finish line as fast as possible climbing the mountains. Walls or hills, in our online climbing games you will learn how to master all kinds of different surfaces. Look a little bit ahead and try not to fall to your death if you should slip. Some virtual climbing spots in our online climbing games for free can be a real challenge to your endurance. Help your character to overcome all the obstacles and small annoyances that will come your way. You will need to find the right technique to make it to the end, follow the best route and be careful where you plant your feet.

Climbing is a physical action in which a sufficiently steep hill is climbed with the help of both hands and feet and the distance covered is measured horizontally. In other words, climbing is when you go up. Whether it's using expensive equipment to scramble up mountains or just using your fingertips, flexible footwear and brave jumps in one of the bouldering facilities. The challenge of focusing only on the next step and not thinking about falling to certain death if you slip can be as exhilarating as it is tiring. Some climbing locations can be a real challenge to one's stamina and ability to carve a route climbing along a mountain. 

Scuttle along the ragged surface to reach unfathomable heights, before plummetting to your doom. It's a very up and down experience, so stay calm under pressure and don't lose your cool and your grip. Play free climbing games online on, perform stunts and score points to purchase upgrades. Much fun!

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