Falling Games

Gravity can be a cruel mistress. That's never as true as it is with these Falling Games. No matter how high you want to climb, there will always be something that is going to pull you down again. That's why the physicists here at Silvergames.com have gone to great lengths (or possibly depths) to collect for you all the games that fit the bill.

For most physics engines in computer games, gravity is one of the central concepts that needs to work perfectly. You need to be able to drop objects realistically within their digital environment. Otherwise it's just a bunch of lines floating in virtual space. When it comes to these falling games, you only have to worry about one thing: what to hit. In some games you're trying to avoid anything that might slow down your fall. In other you may prefer to hit as many obstacles and objects on your way down as you can.

So strap on your parachute or maybe see the doctor about that vertigo. Because these falling games will send you careening downwards. Don't forget that all games in this category can be played for free, and require neither downloads nor registration.

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The Most Played Falling Games