Hard Games

What are Hard Games?

Hard games can be puzzle, action or quiz games of exceptional difficulty. Our top selection of free online hard games, here on Silvergames.com, will push you to your limits. Do you think you're a die hard gamer who's seen it all and can tackle even the most difficult escape room? Get ready to have an extra fun time with our punishingly difficult levels and boss enemies. Without expert timing and reactions the constant failures on the hardest (and only) difficulty level will be driving you into fits of rage.

Memorize the levels and train relentlessly to make it to the end of our top new hard games. Find cleverly hidden solutions in our escape games if you want to win. Beat the lap time in each of our fun online driving games or face up to only being second best. Get to the end of a free quiz without making a single mistake, if you can. It's easier than it looks, because our addicting new games aren't just hard, they are brutal. Our math puzzle games will be a tough nut to crack, even for die hard math fans. So join the party of battle-hardened gamers and give our hard games your best shot.

Most Played Hard Games