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What are Cube Games?

Cube Games are funny reaction, puzzle, shooting and action mulitplayer IO games that all contain some kind of square element. If you are into the blocky graphics and 90 degree angles then this category is definitely the right one for you. Get ready to visualise shapes in three dimensions and start with these Cube Games, use them wisely, move them around, throw them or simply arrange them to get to where you need to be. The best blocky entertainment for you, online and for free on

Try one of the popular installments of the fun multiplayer online action game series KoGaMa. Select a team and fight to conquer enemy’s territory, choose one of many different weapons and let the battle begin. Or play the challenging spaceship distance game Cubefield 1 or 2, in which you control your arrow shaped floating vehicle through an endless field and try to dodge thousands of blocks. If you want an actual cube in your hands, test your speed at solving the Rubik's Cube Simulator and try to be as fast as possible.

There are two installments of Geometry Dash available for you, a really challenging vertical-scrolling reaction game, in which you control the little squared character from side to side to avoid hitting all deadly obstacles on it’s way, simply by tapping the screen. Different genres have joined forces to create this fun category so you can enjoy all kinds of games with cubes online and for free on, so have fun!

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