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What are Geometry Games?

Geometry Games are fun cutting, reaction and physics-based puzzle games that you can enjoy online and for free on Do you like shapes, figures and all kinds of geometric elements? Do you love precision and cutting things into exactly equal parts? Then this category is just right for you. We have collected the best geometry games for you, so get started right away.

Geometry is the term used to describe the theory of space in mathematics classes, which deals with points, lines, planes, distances, angles, and so on. As a student, you probably associate this word primarily with the geo-triangle, which is used to measure and calculate various distances, angles, corners, and generally shapes.

In our great collection of the best geometry games, however, it's not about boring math, but about exciting and tricky games that will really make you ponder. There are many more cool geometry games to choose from to satisfy your mind with shapes and figures. Just browse through our cool collection and have fun!

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