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Dart Games are awesome aiming games for you to enjoy online and for free. It's one of the most popular pub games of all time. It can be played with a drink in hand and its rate of injury is not as high as you'd expect. Dart Games are all the rage these days and the middle-aged men here at Silvergames.com have taken it upon themselves to put together a great collection of dart-based games.

A dart is a projectile, usually thrown by hand, with a pointed metal peak and a thick, yet light body. It is usually used for games in which hand-eye coordination plays a role, as you attempt to throw the dart at a dartboard. Said board is  subdivided into 20 sections, which are themselves subdivided into single, double and triple areas. A game of darts is usually played until a player has reached 501 points, or counted down from there as points are substracted as you play.  If that all sounds like a little too much precision, there are a great number of dart-based games where all you need to do is let monkeys throw darts at moving balloons.

So, train your throwing arm, narrow your eyes and aim straight for a bullseye. These dart games require a steady hand and a cool head. Make sure you score exactly the points you need to finish your set first. Don't forget, the games in this category are free, and can be played without downloads or registration. Have fun!

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