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Monkey Games are free animal simulator games in which players have to control crazy monkeys and guide them through the series of different levels. Play online and start shooting all of the opponents in our fighting simulators. Go on a crazy adventure and accomplish every quest in online monkey games on Become a happy baby monkey swinging on the trees and start jumping from one platform to another in our cool games for kids and adults. Play as a ninja or drive as fast as possible in one of the monkey racing games.

In most of the free monkey games, players have to find hidden baby monkeys to make the mommy happy. For kids, we have cute coloring games featuring gorillas and chimpanzees. Build a super strong defense to protect a monkey island. In online monkey games, you can either control these cute animals or become one yourself in one of the simulators. As an ape you have to fight for survival in a wild world. Collect bananas and shoot your rivals with a cannon.

Search for food and try to find all baby primates. In our free monkey games, you will have to burst balloons to score a lot of points. Players can also become a huge King Kong monster monkey and destroy a whole city. Help monkey ninjas to find all delicious bananas swinging from palm to palm.

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