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Throwing Games are fun sports games in which you throw balls, stones, sticks, bottles, grenades, spears, darts, paper airplanes, towels and much more. For example, a very popular throwing game is basketball. The goal here is simple: you have to throw a ball into a basket. This sounds quite simple, but it becomes increasingly difficult when obstacles are added, the basket starts to move, you throw from different angles and distances, or gravity, wind and other distractions make your life difficult.

There are countless throwing techniques and depending on what you throw, you can develop your own personal technique to achieve the greatest success. What you definitely need is an arm that can hurl the object forward with plenty of momentum. Every throwing game collection should include at least one dart game. Here, you throw a dart at a round target, trying to score as many points as possible. If sports are not your thing, then throw knives or torches.

If that's too dangerous for you, try paper airplanes. Freshly folded, you can try your luck and cover as long a distance as possible with a single throw. Or just toss some crumpled papers into the trash can and measure yourself against your peers. There are no limits to your imagination. Here, you can throw anything that isn't nailed down. Browse through our amazing category of the best throwing games and choose your favorite one - as always online and for free on!

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