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What are Dirt Bike Games?

Dirt Bike Games are freestyle and racing games in which the player drives on off-road racetracks or obstacle courses. Get on your motorcycle or for wheeler, make a wheelie and race to the finish line. Control a stickman riding a dirt bike and show some cool stunts and backflips. Start a cool online multiplayer session and race on off-road tracks against your best friends. Online dirt bike racing is stressful and dangerous, but it can also be a lot of fun. Don't hesitate to try something crazy and unusual to finish the race just a tiny bit faster than your competitor. Racing your bikes with friends is a real thrill, but when you have access to free bikes and are looking for challenging tracks to master, there is nothing better than these free dirt bike games. Fun and addictive titles like Moto X3M or Bike Simulator are a great starting place.

Train your sense of balance and fly across the track at ludicrous speeds. You will have to find a way past all the obstacles and competing cars, before your wheels end up spinning in the dirt. Use your nitro boost to ride these offroad simulators all the way to the end. As in most free dirt bike games, part of the challenges lies in taming the wild energy of your motorcycle. Feel the rush as you commandeer your bike across the track, race it freestyle and pull off amazing backflips without breaking a sweat. The excitement never ends when you play as a motorbike racer without fear. As you take flight off the ramps and across the sudden drops in the track, you will be soaring like a dirt bike god before you land face first in the mud. But there is no time to feel glum. A new challenge, a new track and a new attempt at stunt dirt bike glory await! Feed off the adrenaline pulsing through you as you keep pushing your engine (or your pedals, if you are riding a BMX) to its limits. There is another hill waiting to be conquered, another amazing jump to be attempted and this time the landing will be firm and not some ignoble omnishambles of a crash. Gravity is nobody's friend, after all.

If you are familiar with online gaming favorites like Happy Wheels, you should feel right at home here. Racing a dirt bike has never been this entertaining. Since a game doesn't take all that long to finish, these games become the perfect companion during a dull work day. After all, there is always time to play the motocross champion for a track or two. These dirt bike games will help you ride that high until it is time to come back down to earth again. Hopefully, it will be wheels first! So strap on your helmet, climb on your motocross bike of racing awesomeness and show the virtual world what a daredevil you really are.

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