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Wheelie Games are driving and stunt games in which the front wheels of a car or bike come off the ground. Thanks to our cool wheelie games you can practice your driving skills without worrying about crashing your expensive motorcycle. Drive a dirt bike and pop a wheelie. Or play one of our wheely games for kids and help a red beetle to get back home. Here on Silvergames.com you can play the best bike and motorcycle wheelie games online for free!

A wheelie is one of the most recognisable and arguably intuitive basic level stunts you can pull off on a bike or bicycle. But pulling up the front of your vehicle while riding the back wheels isn't unheard of with cars either. Once you've mastered it, the whole wide world of vehicle stuntwork opens up to you. Maybe you want to try a backflip? Or no hands leap through the air? Our online wheelie games will let you enjoy the first tentative steps in daring stunts and acrobatics, before moving you towards more challenging fare.

Don't be scared, wheelie games are just stunt and racing simulators. Speed your way uphill and then feel the rush of hurtling down and pulling off the most amazing and extreme stunts of all time. They're of course free, and require neither downloads nor registration. And wheelie games are just the beginning of your bike racing career!

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