Disease Games

What are Disease Games ?

Disease Games are fun action and strategy games in which you'll have to avoid the spread of deadly diseases. We have all learned a lot about viruses and diseases in recent years: especially about how dangerous viruses spread pandemically. Therefore, you must now use your expert knowledge to make sure that the deadly virus doesn't spread and wipe out all of humanity.

A disease is a state of diminished efficiency, due to dysfunction of one or more organs, the psyche or the entire organism of a living being. We are all familiar with the annoying flu or cold, which usually affects us in the autumn or winter months. Cold, cough, fever, exhaustion and sore throat are only a few of the annoying symptoms that creep up on us.

Even a handshake or a droplet infection can cause a disease to jump from one person to the next. By now, we all know that it can be helpful to wear a mask in these situations to reduce the risk of transmission. So stay healthy and enjoy our collection of the best disease games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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