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Conquer Games are mostly Multiplayer IO war strategy games, in which you have to fight and take over other player's territory to become the most powerful person in the game. Develop a clever war strategy in order to expand as much as possible and conquer all enemy territory. A conquest always demands the force of arms so don't be shy to use violence. Do you think you have what is takes to be a real leader? Find out now in our great collection of the best Conquer Games, online and for free on

In Conquer Games it is your task is to take over parts of the field and conquer as much territory as possible in order to become the leader of the match. To achieve that you have to eliminate your opponents by crossing their tracks, and don’t forget to return to your base before some other player hits you first. History provides many examples of successful conquests, just try to make yours go down in virtual gaming history as well.

The aim of the conqueror is always to reach wealth, power and prestige so let this be your major motivation. Like Europe tried to expand their territory by colonialism for a long time, it is your task now to gain access to resources and the population of other player's territory. Are you ready to rule the world? Much fun with our awesome collection of the best Conquer Games on!

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