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Dunking Games are basketball games where the player has to dunk a ball into the basket. Try to get a many dunks as possible in a given time. Join you favorite basketball team and destroy your opponents with amazing slam dunks. Take part in a dunk contest and show the audience your basketball skills.

Basketball is a game of throwing balls in an arc, in the hopes of them landing in the basket. Popularized by two sports legends, scoring points through slam dunks became a crowd-pleaser. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan are some of the biggest names in basketball and their penchant for slam dunks arguably cemented their support among fans. In most dunking games, you simply get the ball through the hoop. What makes slam dunks so much fun, is that you get to hold on to the rim after scoring. In popular parlance slam dunk has become synoynmous with something that is a sure thing. 

So put on your squeaky sneakers and start jumping and leaping into the air. It's time to give these dunking games their due, and you can only do that, if you're up to the challenge. Just pick a game and play it for free. Enjoy playing the best free basketball dunking games online here on Silvergames.com!

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