Element Games

Haven't you always wanted to master nature and tap into its main components, bend them to your will and create something magnificent? These Element Games here at Silvergames.com will help you do just that. Toying around with Alchemy, Chemistry, Physics and a pinch of magic, you get to reshape things into other, different things. That's how science works, right?

The natural sciences have always had an eye on the natural world, how it works and how individual elements react when in close contact to one another. Following this scientific lead, these element games let you experiment and learn from the results. Maybe it will be a fancy explosion? Maybe you will develop god-like powers and create a world in your image as a celestial being controlling the fates of your lowly subjects? Playing with the building blocks of the universe, is sure to turn up some amazing results.

Either way, you are bound to learn a lot from playing these games. From the basics of chemistry and physics, to the responsibility that comes with creating the entire universe from scratch. Try out all these element games to unlock the secrets the hide in plain sight. All the games here are of course free, require no downloads or registration.

Here you will find more educational games, universe games and science games.

Most Played Element Games