Wizard Games

What are Wizard Games?

Wizard Games are online magic games where players can play the role of an enchanter. Plunge into the world of fantasy and white magic with our free wizard games. Grab your wand and learn some miraculous spells for your defense right at home. In these cool games for kids, you can battle evil creatures and go on an exciting adventure just like a real wizard.

Play free wizard games online and perform magical practices and compete with witches. Discover different magical practices such as rituals and occult symbols. Friendly Merlin with a long white beard or the wizard of oz, we have cool online games for everyone. Wear a long robe and a cone-shaped hat decorated with stars to create the whole new world playing with alchemy elements.

Choose one of the free games with wizards, put on your magic hat and start practicing real magic tricks. Help your character survive in every level and put a spell on enemies. These and much more fun adventures and interesting gameplays are waiting for you on our site.

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